The Hypnotransition Program


A simple inner revolution to a better life you deserve …. 


You are the master of your own life. If you want to change your life and experience the fullness of life, you must change your programming! To change your programming you must access your subconscious mind and control it so that you can alter your old limited believes.

Reprogramming seems to be a scary word. It is not, as it is happening in our daily lives through media, news, marketing banners and advertisement without you even noticing it.

Change in the subconscious level requires commitment, a strong desire and an understanding of how the creative process works at the subconscious level. There are several methods to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract the life you desire and deserve.

During the sessions and the Hypnotransition Program you will learn many of the various techniques used to alter and reprogram your mind which you will be able to apply in your daily life on your own and teach your children, friends and family members.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT has been shown to be amazingly effective techniques in healing many psychological, emotional, physical and behavioral issues.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been officially recognized & approved by both The American Medical Association (1958) & The British Medical Association (1957).

Please be aware that during all sessions you are fully under control of what you say, how you behave and react emotionally and physically. My job and duty as a therapist is only to guide you with imaginary visuals and relaxation techniques to reach the subconscious mind .You are the only one who can make the changes and create a new reality through planting new positive seeds in the garden of your mind.

Kindly find below the details of the Hypnotransition Program : ( Results May Vary ) *


1st Session:*

Aura And Chakras Photography and Analysis , Core Issue Resolution and some Inner Child Work:

We will start your session with an explanation of the Theory Of the Mind, and how affirmations  can help you in creating a new belief system.

Then I will do do the Aura and Chakra Photography which you will experience and see and which will give me insight on the issues we will need to focus on during the sessions.

During this session after inducing you into a very deep trance (making you visit your subconscious mind) I will help you find your core issue for most of your issues you are struggling with today in addition to redesign and clean up your subconscious mind to prepare it for the coming sessions! Also in the same session you will discover who the authority person was in your childhood who had influence on you in an uncomfortable way and healing that relationship.

After the first session you will receive an affirmation sheet booklet which you will use for your positive affirmations for a minimum time of 21 days related to your core issue (Will guide you through the process)


2nd Session: *

Age Regression and Age Regression Therapy

Age Regression simply means opening up all the necessary old files in your subconscious mind related to your core issue (you will remember incidents which you do not remember today and maybe even events that happened when you were an infant at a very young age).This session can be very emotional but is also very healing! )

Age Regression Therapy is very important to reorder the open files and to heal many issues that happened during your life as an adult, teenager and child. (All my clients love this part!!!)


3rd Session: *

 Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the most important and eye opening session! Believe systems have been transformed only from this session! You do not need to believe in past lives but only believe that your mind will show you what you need to see and learn from!

During this session you will be in a very deep trance and I will guide you to a past life that has a strong effect in your current life. Every single event will unfold itself on its own. It’s like seeing a movie on the TV, the only difference is that you are the main character. I will guide you to the time of death where you will receive a very powerful message related to your current lifetime!

After the session I will provide you with a big box full of beads and art parts from which you will create your own Jewelry which you will keep as a reminder for your life purpose.

Hypnodrama and Cord Cutting

Hypnodrama is very simple but very effective in healing a relationship with a person who is still alive or already passed away. It helps to overcome grief and heal with forgiveness! Through visualization I will guide you to a place where you can meet the person you have a relationship issue with and help you to conduct a complete conversation and proceed with forgiveness and healing! 

Cord Cutting is useful to let go of a past relationship that does not matter to you anymore but still has a negative effect in you or to letting go of a certain believe system which does not help you to life your life the way you desire.


4th Session: *

 Inner Child Healing and Application of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

This session is very cleansing and going into details! It s a final cleansing of your subconscious mind. With visualization I will take your awareness to each and every age of your life and complete healing, venting and restoration of any traumatic incident using EFT.

 Life Scrip and Vision Board Therapy

This is the last and most enjoyable session! During this session will plant your new seeds into your subconscious mind so that they can easily manifest in your nearest future! This session needs preparation as you will be writing your life script (your future) on your own ans also will have painted your own vision board for which I will provide you with all material!


You will notice change in yourself, others and your environment from the first couple of session! This journey is very emotional but also very eye-opening and enjoyable.

The Duration of this transformational program is around 7 weeks. 

Each session is around two hours long ….


Fee for one session is AED 700/-

(Results May Vary ) *

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