Note:  Here are some testimonials and feedback about the Hypnotransition Program.

Full names of clients are not mentioned as I totally and completely respect the privacy of every client I meet!

(Results may vary ) *

I wanted to send you a message to thank you so much again for ALL but you beat me at it
I am grateful not only for all the great tools you taught me that I will keep on using again but for having the chance to be around such a beautiful energy, you are wonderful, I have learned so much about myself and I really look in a very positive way on the life coming and I will really miss you and your wonderful soul. *
You are filled with love kindness and tolerance and I felt so conformable with you.. If the world was just half as you are we will all live at peace.  Words truly can’t express how much our sessions through the Hypnotransition Program have helped me and what they have come to mean to me.  I feel like I have had some invisible weights lifted off my shoulders!  The results were visible immediately.  Even my husband, who doesn’t subscribe to these modalities, has said the shift is clearly evident.  I find relationships that were most prominently strenuous or demanding for me to engage in now are just as uplifting and easy as others.  Specifically my relationship with my husband is so much more relaxed and he too has become more relaxed, playful and happy to be with me.  

I feel particularly connected to you Sarah!  You are already a part of my family and you don’t know me even longer that two months and haven’t met anyone at home!  Your energy, positive and warmth all made it so easy to transition and transform through the sessions.  Each session was beautifully designed!  I have never felt so free to talk about anything with anyone in my life – including my husband!  Thank you so dearly for being the way you are!  You empathy and sincere caring have helped me heal in spirit as well.  That is something that makes you so perfect a person for this type of therapy for someone like me.

After the first session I felt as though I had just finished a very hard marathon but completing it gave me a huge sense of awareness and accomplishment.  I realized how vulnerable I was to beliefs created in my childhood based on incidents that had occurred so long ago and how that relayed across decisions and choices I had made across my life till now.  It truly felt like a new birthday!  The impact of these beliefs are still unveiling themselves to me and I suspect will continue to for a long time.  Most surprisingly it opened a door to recognize much good and strength in myself that frankly I had undermined due to low self esteem/judgement.

The second session was another ‘weight-lifter’ quite literally 🙂  I had repeating lessons in my life that I was finally able to link to the first session and truly begin closing those unnecessary chapters.  I continued to feel more and more energized by the freedom the session were helping facilitate for me.  The third session solidified many of the life lessons that had already been come evident to me – let things happen naturally and you can’t control or plan everything.  Trust your heart!  

The life script exercise was particularly uplifting.  The excitement and realization that I fill my life with exactly what I want was unbelievable!  By this point I was quite comfortable with my learning and realizations that this stage truly solidified that belief that I am in charge of creating what every future I want!

My last session was the perfect ending to this wonderful journey.  As we reviewed any residual issues I realized I had been quite thoroughly ‘cleansed’ by our previous session.  I was relieved to acknowledge that I was not carrying any remnants of those cumbersome and shackling beliefs I used to hold prior to therapy.   

Thank you from my heart!  I am a new and happy woman today!  Bless you and your work!  Thank you for your commitment to this cause always! *



I met Sarah at this Meetup combining purpose in life meditation and painting. I found Sarah to be very warm and approachable. I learnt new things about myself in every session that I had with her. She made me believe that I’m worth a lot and deserve all the happiness in the world. You can tell anything to Sarah without being judged. Rest assured you will find a really good adviser and friend in her. Sarah has helped my initiation into the path of freedom and self discovery. I am truly blessed to have met this sweet soul . Love you Sarah. *



My sessions with Sarah were amazing. I was at first anxious about the hypnotherapy & so spoke to Sarah on the phone. She explained everything really well about the Hypnotransition Program and put my mind at ease. As soon as I met her, I was extremely comfortable because of her very warm and welcoming persona. She explained everything she was going to do very carefully at each stage and was very kind and patient- taking her time. Her work with me has made a significant difference to my life and my mindset. I feel the exercises she did with me helped me significantly and the results have been wonderful. I recommend her to all my friends! Thank you so much Sarah, for being so
incredibly amazing!*



Firstly, let me start by saying you are hands down the most positive,beautiful and lovely human being I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life. From the moment I met you I instantly felt comfortable and at ease….
I found the Aura and Chakra photography very interesting and mostly accurate. The affirmations certainly put me on a more positive path and helped me see how blessed i truly am. I enjoyed the regression/hypnotherapy and I am hoping to see the results of what we worked on in the coming few months. I looked  forward to every session we had together and now I miss seeing you. The most powerful part I am hoping will be my manifestation of my future and how i want my life to be. It made me really analyse what I have in my life now and what i want my future to look like.I guess what i am saying is, I enjoyed the entire process, and understand completely the wisdom behind each and every step, and now I look forward to seeing my desires and hopes manifest. You are most definitely a gifted human being sent to help people and brighten up this oh so very dark world. *



I initially wanted to become a more positive person who was in control of my emotions and relationships. The sessions helped me to realize the best way to approach a situation is a combination of using my brain and my heart. Acting from one without the other is something I have always struggled with. I think the sessions helped me to realize that I chart the future for myself. I am in control of my actions and in turn with the right attitude and positive energy anything can be accomplished. I never really realized how much previous experiences and memories affected me to this day. I am now at peace with several situations which I felt previously were out of my control. Thank you Sarah for helping me put things into perspective and create a path for long term success and happiness.*


I embarked on the Hypnotransition Program with Sarah. It was one of the best decisions I have made and I could not have chosen a better person to work with. Sarah is such a warm, patient and compassionate person who made me feel comfortable with a process i was not at all familiar with. Additionally, the Hypotransition program itself I found to be incredibly rewarding and informative. It drove me to have a different level of spiritual and energy self awareness as well as helped me evolve and grow past some of my own challenges that have been holding me back. Overall, I found the program to be incredibly helpful and i would recommend it and Sarah to anyone who is struggling or going through a point in there life that requires clarity and self-improvement! *



I want to thank you for the amazing Hypnotransition Program, I was feeling so relieved after every session, especially healing the inner child, it was hard core 🙂 Also enjoyed reading the aura and chakras, it was so accurate. Thanks for the affirmations and the nice ideas you gave me to heal some stuck issues, it worked so well. Thanks for helping me understand myself more, and dig deeper to bring the hidden treasures to the surface and heal what blocked the way.*



Thank you very much for your time today, I had a very fruitful time with you. you are full of positive energy and happy aura. For me, It was really interested to know my aura and some current issue I should work on. I came out from the building with a big smile and felt I was flying:) *


Overall the experience was amazing. The first session was great. I walked out feeling great and looking forward to the rest. The meditations and affirmations did help me slow down and feel much less stressed and anxious. The reading of the aura was really fascinating.
Second session was a bit tough, sharing personal memories is not easy but you are so great, i felt so comfortable sharing with you.
The past life session was really interesting. I really enjoyed it.
The last session was a great way to end the circle. Writing the life script was not an easy task since I do believe that life is in constant change and its really hard to predict any future picture. But after the session I understood what it really was about. You took the time and energy to help me understand and solve each issue that was rising and learning about forgiveness.
You are so easy to talk to, I felt very comfortable around you. You spread such good energy. From the moment we met i liked the way you approach things and wanted to learn more and more from you. You have no idea how grateful I am that i met you. *


Thank You for making me aware of what I had in me and what I could give to people through your sessions. You took me to an unexpected journey. I knocked at your door without really knowing why or what I was looking for. I got out of your little comfy room with peaceful vibes, healed from my past and totally able to embrace the life as it comes. I’m not mastering it yet, but I took the trip and I’m on the road. 🙂 You work with your heart and that is exactly why you were able to heal mine. I’m grateful that God put you on my path to heal my past and “write” my future to prepare to the arrival of my baby. I have and I will recommend your magical sessions of the Hypnotransition Program to every individual that I know in pain. *



I’m happy to share with you the transformations what I am experiencing after final session) Everything happened as a miracle. It is difficult to describe my inner condition but I feel very different now. The small example of physical transformation is that I easily excepted idea to quit smoking and started row food diet what makes me feel gorgeous. The most important change is that by contrast with before I am meeting any problems positively and frankly believe that everything will be great, because I am protected by God. *



Sarah is very professional caring person. Every time after her session I felt so positive and full of energy and happiness. She helped me to clear my past and teach me how to set my mind to start living the life I want. My life starts changing in positive way and I want to thank this amazing charming Sarah for beautiful well structured program and I will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to find their life purpose. Sarah is the ONE who can help YOU. Lots of Love, Happiness and Health, BIG THANK YOU Sarah and big HUG. *



I definitely enjoyed our session! Such an unusual experience I ever had!
Thank you soooooooo much! I went out after the session in a very positive mood and so much excited that I wanted to share that excitement with the whole world. Now I’m trying to keep that positive vibes for as long as I can:) I’m doing those affirmations daily and it really makes magic! Imagine what will happen after 21 days! I’m definitely planning to continue with other affirmations as regular practice and my absolutely sure it will bring better changes to my life.You are very positive person with amazing energy! Thank you again!!! It was my pleasure and luck that I met you.I wish you all the best in the world and to tune many more other people to positive mood, as you did to me
God bless you!!! *



I feel as though an inner peace has flowed in and stress coping skill has improved, because of your incredible hypnotherapy session. My partner has noticed how relaxed and calm I am and more forgiving of myself. I used to beat myself up but now can let go more easily! I am keen to organize further sessions in the future as your warmth, talent, skill and professionalism has impressed me. I am very much look forward to seeing you again, soon. You are a special lady : ) *



I would like to say that I am so happy that I found you. I was suffering with things from my past and after the sessions of hypnotherapy with you it has helped me to become stronger and move on from my past. My life has become more positive since then and I cannot even put in to words how appreciative I am that you have managed to do this. I never thought I would achieve these results, in fact I only went as I was curious to see what it was about. But I can say that it has helped me more than anything else. I hope to meet more fantastic people like yourself in the future. Thank you so much and may God bless you. *



I found the Hypnotransition program with Sarah to be extremely helpful not just to myself but to my brother as well who I recommended attend after my first session with her.  Sarah is a wonderfully kind, trustworthy and comfortable individual that makes you feel relaxed to share personal experiences.  Her main message is that she is not the one that does the healing but facilitates helping you heal yourself, something I greatly appreciate.  

I was able to release a lot of stored tension and memories that I had no idea still had an effect on my life. I was able to make peace with difficult relationships I had with family and people I had been in conflict with and feel a great deal of peace.  My general outlook towards conflict situations has shifted and I do feel this is because I have been able to release past trauma that would have been triggered by current events in my life.

Thank you Sara for the great experience and I genuinely hope more people see the value in the work you are doing.*


After I finished the course, I really felt this transformation. It’s like a new me. The whole world feels beautiful, safe, abundant, and giving. And I love and appreciate myself in every way, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.*



You have been a great help in helping me find peace within myself, understand myself and
become a happier person. I was very lost and frustrated before I had my first session as i knew something was off but couldn’t pin point it. You have helped me grow soo much in this period its amazing.  All in all I found the hypnotransition very rewarding and an extremely helpful experience. It opened my eyes to my root problems and also allowed me to get in touch with my inner child and allow to realize what it is that really makes me happy and what i enjoy. It was thrilling experiencing my past life as now I know I am a Warrior . *



Just want to let you know how much doing this course has helped me. It has been a great experience,profoundly insightful. So many of your suggestions i have incorporated into my life, like visualizing what i want,practical tips to working towards my goals etc.. I think this program is very well structured and couldnt have been better. I think most importantly it has been your persona which has made this program so good for me. Thanks  for being a therapist/guide . I loved your warmth, how you were genuinely interested in my self development. I feel you had a magical knack of saying exactly the right things, which made a lot of sense. Thanks to you i have also developed an interest in jewellery designing! Overall I think this program has put me on the right path. Do keep in touch and hope in future i learn from you as well. 
Loads of light and love, *

Just wanted to let you know that I got the job 🙂 I was manifesting it before I went to bed and the next day I got a call informing me that I had received the job offer which I have accepted. Thank you for all the good vibes and helping me believe in myself.*


The session we had through the Hypnotransition Program  was such an important turn in my life and I am ever so grateful for it and for meeting you!
I really do not know how to thank you enough and I am 100% sure I will be coming to you very soon again.
Big hug, *

Thank you Sarah for the 7 weeks Program!I learned and healed.I feel much better.I think sometimes we need a support hand to push us to go forward and you gave it to me.Blessings to you ! *



Before starting hypnosis , Sarah explained everything to me, I felt very relaxing about it. I am now much more confident and outgoing than before and have no fears. My depression has reduces to a great deal and I am now capable to live a much better life. All in all the hypnotherapy has been an excellent experience and life changing. I am very grateful to Sarah for helping me so much. *



From the first session I could see changes happening in my life. I stopped my medicine I used to take for my depression and started to get involved in many activities I always wanted to try. Sarah , with her relaxing voice during the sessions took me to places inside me I have never explored before and left a positive effect on my life. I can not thank Sarah enough for her help and how genuinely caring and compassionate she was about making this positive shift in me. *



Herewith I can confirm that my experience with Sarah was from the start to the end of all sessions absolutely positive. I experienced Sarah as a person who cares and showed a lot of empathy for my personal issues. The sessions were very well explained and guided with desired outcome. I like to highlight that Sarah takes all points very serious and thinks about solutions and reasons. Also she helped me to resolve my issues by myself. I only can share positive experience with Sarah with all sessions I had with her. *



The sessions with Sarah helped me to overcome some issues in my life and to see live with a different perspective. It was so easy to trust Sarah and she made it easy to relax during the sessions and go to the hypnosis state. I released lots of unwanted feelings and replaced it with happy feelings. *



Sarah was very professional .Her voice helped me to relax and feel safe. I could trust that she had no judgment on anything I said or felt. The result of the chakra scanning was surprisingly accurate. The affirmations actually had an effect almost immediately . I feel more confident and more in control and I know that I am the owner of my life. *



This is my first experience with hypnotherapy and I must say it’s far surpassed my expectations. From the first moment of meeting Sarah , I felt safe , comfortable and in very good and capable hands. Her entire being reflects her willingness to help others and her approachable and gentle way of dealing with people makes it very easy to open up to her and talk what is going on inside. Throughout each session I always felt secure and safe and Sarah’s voice guided me very well every session. I have learned so much about myself and since writing daily affirmations I feel a huge shift in myself. Al in all I am a happier person due to Sarah’s therapy and her Hypnotransition Program and I am endlessly thankful and grateful.*



Sarah is a very positive thinking and warm hearted person. From the first moment I felt comfortable with her. The entire dealing was very lovely and pleasant. I have great difficulty in trusting people however, with Sarah I did not have that problem at all. In the therapy I received a lot of solutions to challenges in my life and for which I feel great gratitude towards Sarah. I had so many eye opening experiences and was able to overcome several blockages. I consider it a great gift to have been able to experience this therapy with Sarah .She is heaven sent and her talent is immense. *



On meeting with Sarah I found her to be professional , friendly , enthusiastic and very easy to talk to. She instantly made me feel at ease and I found the sessions very relaxing and the positive manner in which Sarah speaks uplifting and inspiring am left feeling happy , motivated and look forward to putting into practice what Sarah has taught me to improve my life and initial area for development. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone willing to try hypnotherapy and change their lives. *



I truly have benefited from the sessions. I feel much more at peace and ” normal”.I really feel that I have dealt with difficult times and laid ghosts to rest. The entire therapy has helped me, I feel more confident and much happier. *



I have really enjoyed the therapy I have received from Sarah. It has helped me greatly to understand my mind and why I have thoughts that I do and how to control my thoughts. Hypnosis was beneficial addressing my negative thoughts, it has helped me in my relationship with my husband , it has allowed me to identify what is important in life and who is important in life. I feel I have a much calmer nature than before. *



Before meeting with Sarah I have not had about hypnotherapy as a treatment .But I believe in it now after the positive changes during the last 4 weeks. After writing the affirmations I woke up the next morning feeling much calmer as if a cloud had lifted like a transformation. Sarah’s character and peaceful nature helps the process of relaxation and her ability to relate and understand makes the journey of recovery a pleasant journey. *



I have been seeing Sarah for the last 6 weeks. At the beginning she explained and discussed all aspects to me so that I knew and understood what would be happening during the sessions of the Hypnotransition Program . I felt that every session had a very positive impact on me and my day to day life. Now I understand things more clearly and can deal with stress much better. I can also sleep much better. *