Aura Reading with the help of Kirilan Photography

Aura photography is a visual image of our emotions and how we feel. It is a photograph that can measure your energy field .The energy field appears in the photograph in waves of colors. Each of these colors signifies something different and gives information regarding emotions, physical health, and quality of consciousness. In case you are willing to have your aura photographed you will be given the actual scan or photograph with a full report of interpretation and analysis of the aura colors.

Some benefits of having your aura photographed and analyzed are :

  • To diagnose and prevent future diseases ( as they develop in your energy body before your physical body )
  • To get to identify your talents and strengths to effortlessly enhance and thrive in life
  • To find areas in your life where improvement and healing is needed and easily possible
  • To create harmony in all aspects in your life
  • To ensure that your energy levels within your physical body are balanced, along with ensuring your aura is filled with life-force energy.
  • To measure and  demonstrate your Mind-Body-Spirit connection
  • To understand the thought patterns causing setbacks, difficulties and health issues

( Results May Vary ) *